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Invitation to Be Part of the Pure Love & Harmony Science Mastermind


We are excited to extend a special invitation to join the groundbreaking journey of the Pure Love & Harmony Institute (PL&H Institute) Mastermind. At PL&H Institute, we are committed to deepening the understanding of human-dog interaction through cutting-edge research and exploration of uncharted territories.

We recognize the immense value of diverse perspectives and expertise in advancing our mission. As such, we cordially invite scientists and independent researchers from all areas of natural science to be part of our exceptional mastermind. Together, we can usher in a new era of knowledge, compassion, and insight into the intricate bond between humans and their beloved canine companions.

Our vision is ambitious—to create a future where pure love and harmony flourish in every human-dog relationship. We believe that your valuable contributions and expertise can help pave the way for transformative discoveries and breakthroughs.

Submission Guidelines:

To be considered for the PL&H Insstitute Mastermind, please submit your research proposals, studies, and projects through our dedicated online platform. We encourage submissions from diverse fields, including but not limited to animal behavior, nutrition, psychology, communication, coat care and any relevant discipline that can shed light on the fascinating world of dogs and human-pet parenthood.

Our expert team of evaluators will carefuly review and assess each submission, recognizing the potential impact on the well-being of dogs and their human companions. Selected researchers will have the opportunity to collaborate with the mastermind, consisting of brilliant minds from around the globe, who are passionately devoted to understanding and enriching the lives of our canine friends.

Benefits of Being Part of the Mastermind:

Collaborate with like-minded researchers and scientists from diverse backgrounds.
Gain access to cutting-edge research and data in the field of human-dog interaction.
Be at the forefront of revolutionary discoveries and paradigm-shifting insights.
Make a meaningful impact on the well-being and understanding of dogs worldwide.
By joining the PL&H Institute Mastermind, you will be an integral part of a transformative initiative aimed at ending the suffering caused by misunderstandings in human-dog interaction.

Together, let us contribute to a future where dogs and humans thrive in a world of pure love and harmony. Your passion, knowledge, and dedication can shape a brighter tomorrow for our beloved canine companions.

We eagerly await your submissions and look forward to welcoming you to the Pure Love & Harmony Institute Mastermind!

With warm regards,

Sasha Riess, Founder

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