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Method of use of product in professional care of hair and fur, universal shampoo, hair and fur quality improvement, and universal conditioner

Author: Sasa Pavlovic Riess, Belgrade. 2016.


The activities related to the professional care of human hair and animal fur are experiencing constant growth and development, resulting in a saturated market of cosmetic products that do not fully address all technical issues in this field. The present invention is based on the specific use of cosmetic products, carefully formulated, which involves separating the active substances for improving the quality of hair and fur from the cleansing active substances in shampoos and the post-care and conditioning active substances found in conditioners. To achieve notable effects, formulations of a universal shampoo and universal conditioner have been developed, which are compatible with various additives of active substances that improve the quality of hair and fur and are used between treatments with the universal shampoo and universal conditioner. The additives for improving the quality of hair and fur are introduced into the market as watersoluble concentrates, allowing professionals to adapt the galenic product to each hair and fur type based on specific needs and conditions to achieve a long-lasting impact on improving the quality of hair or fur. Field of Technology to Which the Invention Relates: The subject invention pertains to a unique method of using products in the domain of professional care for human hair and animal fur. This unique approach is made possible by specially crafted products, including a universal shampoo, additives with active components for improving the quality of hair and fur, and a universal conditioner.